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Tag: winter rendezvous

The House of LeMay Looks Back at 2015 !!

As we look back we would love to THANK our Hair Dressers at the O’M Salon or as we know them  as the “Oh! My! Salon! We could not have done it without you and  to our Fans and everyone else that help to make 2015 a FUN Year for the House of LeMay! You [...]

P’town Carnival 2015 “CANDYLAND”

Carnival was Sooo SWEET  this year!  Us  Girls from Beaver Pond, Vt.  and the boys who play us had a WonderFun Time ! We would like to give out a few BIG  THANK  YOUS ! The first THANK YOU goes to the  Provincetown Business Guild (PBG),  for a fabulous Carnival, “CANDYLAND” and next years theme I [...]

Drag Ball XVIII Theme Announced

Here it is… what you’ve all been waiting for… Lemay First Night from kevin on Vimeo.

Winter Rendezvous “Karaoke”

First night of Winter Rendezvous, the Gay Ski Week in Stowe. The guys are arriving and having fun. We hosted Karaoke at the Backyard Tavern along with Nick from Top Hat. And the Bacardi Boys were on hand also handing out Bacardi drinks. Now if you want to come to any of the events you [...]

Our 4th Year to Attend “Winter Rendezvous”

That’s right Y’all. We are glad to be coming back to Stowe, Vt. for the Annual Gay Ski Weekend. We first attended in 2009. We returned in 2010 to Meet and Greet the crowd for the Varla Jean Merman Show. Then we returned in 2011 as the Bacardi Girls to Meet and Greet for the [...]

Winter Rendezvous ’12 with Varla Jean!

And we’ll be there, too! On Wednesday we’re hosting the karaoke party and on Saturday we’ll be greeters at Varla’s show and at the dance!  Go to for more details!!

Bob’s a “Lucky Guy”

Our buddy Bob is one lucky guy.  Not only because he knows us LeMays, but he got to see the Off-Broadway musical “Lucky Guy” – just a few days before it’s much-too-early-closing.   With only a run of ten days – it’s scheduled to close on May 29 – unless ticket sales pick up drastically. Bob [...]


Hey Y’all, Lucy Belle here or should I say “Torched Cherry” one of the Bacardi Girls. Amber was “Limon” and Margaurite was “Dragon Berry”. And we were hired to be a part of the final night of the annual gay ski weekend – Winter Rendezvous.   We  arrived in Stowe, Vt. on Saturday and was going [...]