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Tag: league of drag queen voters

The 2016 Outright Vermont Awards !

The Outright Vermont Awards are gonna be huge! They are  breaking out the red-white-and-blue this year and The League of Drag Queen Voters will be on hand! It all starts on Friday April 8th, 2016 from 7pm – 10pm at The Barns at Lang Farm at 51 Upper Main St. Essex Junction,  Vt. Hosted by [...]

P’town Carnival 2015 “CANDYLAND”

Carnival was Sooo SWEET  this year!  Us  Girls from Beaver Pond, Vt.  and the boys who play us had a WonderFun Time ! We would like to give out a few BIG  THANK  YOUS ! The first THANK YOU goes to the  Provincetown Business Guild (PBG),  for a fabulous Carnival, “CANDYLAND” and next years theme I [...]

Join The League of Drag Queen Voters (video)

  Voters Oath from kevin on Vimeo.

Dems need to Boycott North Carolina

Click HERE if you’d like to sign the petition.    And click HERE to “like” The League of Drag Queen Voters.

“Don’t Blow It VOTE!!

The League of Drag Queen Voters would like to remind all of you to Vote!

Romney & South Park: Politics as Unusual?

You’d think just two months after Election Day that we, as the League of Drag Queen Voters, would be taking a break. But nooooooo. We read recently on the NationalJournal website (we read it so you don’t have to) that Mormon Mitt Romney is the Republican “insider’s choice” to be their nominee in 2012.   Following [...]