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Tag: Isis Vermouth

Our Favorite Videos… 2011

And of course, we’re in them! From the 2010 Winter is a Drag Ball (“Saturday Night Drag Fever”) – the last show number before the dancing began.  1,000+ people, 100+ performers, 2 rooms, 6 hours entertainment in each room… LOTS OF FUN!! And while we’re not in this video, it’s of Yolanda at the Drag [...]

Sherry Vine’s latest song

Last year we ventured to Albany, NY to perform… and we were the opening act for Sherry Vine.   What a great performer!  She, like us, uses her own voice to entertain… and entertain she does!  Here’s what she said in her diary about us… The first show featured a trio from Vermont called, House of LeMay. [...]

Isis Vermouth Begs for an Endorsement for Ru Paul’s Drag Race!

Isis Vermouth wouldn’t leave Amber alone.  She kept calling and calling, and begging Amber for an endorsement to be on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.  Well, in her own special way, Amber finally gave in and has released her “endorsement” of Isis.  Those two may never speak again!