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Tag: Ask Some Drag Queens

Our Favorite Videos… 2011

And of course, we’re in them! From the 2010 Winter is a Drag Ball (“Saturday Night Drag Fever”) – the last show number before the dancing began.  1,000+ people, 100+ performers, 2 rooms, 6 hours entertainment in each room… LOTS OF FUN!! And while we’re not in this video, it’s of Yolanda at the Drag [...]

“Ask Some Drag Queens” gets written up on the Gay List Daily!

What fun!  Once again, “Ask Some Drag Queens” is getting some great press!  The Gay List Daily has written a great article about the app (see below), and you can see the original article by clicking on the picture below!  AND, if you don’t have our app yet, how about downloading the app right now?  [...]