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1/9th Miler Race for the Vt. Children Trust Foundation

The House of LeMay ran the 1/9th Miler in Heels Y’all! We ran down one block on Church Street in beautiful Burlington, Vt. Yes we did and it was to help give all kids a fair chance at success. Before the race I got the pleasure of leading the runners in a warm up exercise! We all exercised to the Beaver Song that all the Little Beavers of Troop 69 sing at their camp meetings. Santa even ran the race.

It looks like Ambers running the wrong way but she ran the race backwards in Heels! It was a cold sunny day and all had a good time. After the race we went to support some of the local  restaurants that sponsored the Event! We stopped by Luenigs and had our picture taken with Bob the owner and then we had our picture taken with the owners of The Scuffer and they also ran in the race, and then stopped by the Farm House for a drink and ran into more of the runners.

It was a Great turnout and they raised over $8000.00.We all put the FUN in fundraiser! Thanks for a Great Time on Church Street!

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