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Lady Zeno Remembered

On Sunday November 11, friends of the Late Drag Queen “Lady Zeno”

will be gathering at ESOX around 5′ish to have a drink in remembrance of our dear friend who left us on November 6, 2003 at the age of 29.

Here is the history of Lady Zeno told by our friend Bob Bolyard. Lady Zeno (a.k.a. Jason Kirby) burst on the local drag scene in the spring of 1998 as part of “Drag Camp Follies” presented by the House of LeMay. Since then she appeared in numerous House of LeMay productions and floats (both for Pride and Mardi Gras),¬†always with a smile, always making people laugh. One of her most memorable bits was appearing as gubernatorial candidate Ruth Dwyer during the campaign of 2000. She sang “Take Back Vermont” to the tune of the Guys & Dolls classic “Take Back Your Mink.” As always, she brought down the house.

However, most people will remember Lady Zeno fro her fund-raising efforts for Pride Day 2000.

By hosting Tuesday Night Zingo (her own personalized version of Bingo!) and taking up collections during Wednesday’s Karaoke Kapers, she raised $5000, one quarter (Stupid tax!), and one dollar at a time. For her efforts she was crowned the first (and only ever) “Queen of Pride.” Lady Zeno SOCIAL! Social being her code word for “Take a drink!

Lady Zeno touched the lives of thousands. She’ll always be with us.

” Hail Zeno! Queen of Zingo!”

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