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Amber’s on the TV!

Ya gotta love Burlington, Vermont. What other local CBS (or any another BS) affiliate would have a drag queen as a guest on a news show? But, that’s what happened on Friday, February 3, 2012 when the House of LeMay was asked to be on “The 30″ on WCAX-TV…

Lucy Belle accompianed me to the station… we’re not sure how “fracking” is connected to drag queens… do you?

Thank you Lucy… but apparently Jonathan was smitten..

But I hooked up with Daniel Bolles from Seven Days

Margaurite was back at the Hot Damn Trailor Park in Beaver Pond, VT working on our outfits for the Drag Ball… Talk about a sweatshop… but we’ll LOOK GREAT!!

Get your tickets NOW… by going HERE.

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