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Our Favorite Videos… 2011

And of course, we’re in them!

From the 2010 Winter is a Drag Ball (“Saturday Night Drag Fever”) – the last show number before the dancing began.  1,000+ people, 100+ performers, 2 rooms, 6 hours entertainment in each room… LOTS OF FUN!!

And while we’re not in this video, it’s of Yolanda at the Drag Ball… came to visit and HAD to talk to Amber!

Amber went to Times Square (yes THAT Times Square) to promote our phone app… Ask Some Drag Queens!

And Amber ran into Rocco Zamboni – star of the app “Ask Rocco Zamboni”  (duh!).

And of course, the video for our phone app…

Our “good” friend Isis Vermouth asked Amber to endorse her to be on Rupaul’s Drag Race…

Lucy Belle and Nurse Ann Thrax produced a video about the hazards of bedbugs…

To see our recap of the year, click HERE for January-June and HERE for July-December.

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